Statement on Refugee Self Organization in Lagers Monday, Mar 7 2011 

Refugee Conference in Stuttgart: “Refugees have a Voice”
Saturday, March 12, 2011
Stuttgart, DGB-Haus, Willi-Bleicher-Str. 20

The participation of refugees is crucial for the struggle against discrimination and injustice. In Baden-Württemberg this process now is getting started as refugee communities are building up in the different refugee camps.

We refuse arbitrary measures, hatred and double standard treatment of refugees in Germany.

Refugees are invited to exchange their experience and commitments to strengthen the ongoing refugee community networking and self organization in camps as a core focus in the conference.

No one can tell the story better than the direct victims. Refugees are in the best position to tell their stories from “why they are here” and “what they are confronted with in this society”.

Although individual refugees may be faced with problems seeming different in nature, the whole situation boils down to the German Lager politics that isolates, demoralizes and traumatizes.

The refugee politics in Baden-Württemberg is worse compared to most federal states in Germany. Effecting change requires sincere solidarity and a strong position of refugees. Otherwise compromise will remain the order of the day.

Solidarity is the weapon and refugees are calling for sincere solidarity with the ongoing campaign against camps, food packages, restrictions to the freedom of movement and other forms of discrimination and injustice against refugees.


10.00-10.15 Uhr
Opening Speech by Rex Osa (Activist of The Voice and Caravan Network / Coordinating Activist of Refugee Community Networking in Baden-Württemberg)

Why refugees should organize themselves by a representative of Flüchtlingsrat Baden- Württemberg)

Presentation of refugees‘ struggles and experiences by
– Dr Maqsud Agaew from Azerbajan (Apolda Flüchtlingsinitiative)
– Milud Lahmar-Cherif from Algeria (Zella-Mehlis Flüchtlingsinitiative)
– Salomon wantchoucou from Benin (Mohlau Flüchtlingsinitiative)

Coffee Break

Info exchange Groups
1. Camps
2. Restriction to the freedom of movement
3. Institutionalized racism and deportation


Short Film on the fate of refugees

History of the struggle of refugees and arbitrary enforcement of decree by districts by Osaren Igbinoba (Founding member of The Voice)

Reports from info exchange groups

Self-Organization in Baden Württemberg/ documentation and Solidarity with delegates of refugees from Witthoh, Hardheim, Biberach and other places

Presentation of position paper

Coffee Break

Election of regional delegates of refugees

15:30 -16.15
Podium for open questions

Closing speech…

For years, Refugees have been actively involved in the struggles against injustices imposed on them by the European Government with Germany taking the Lead. In Baden Wurttemberg, little is yet to be seen about refugees been active in the struggle. Just in the past months, refugees in Baden Wurttemberg realized and acknowledged the strength in networking especially against the lager system. In the course to further strengthen the mobilization for Refugees’ self-Organization, a conference with title “Refugees have a Voice” is planned for March 12, 2011 in Stuttgart, Baden Wurttemberg.

Refugees are responsible for the general preparation and organization of this Conference. Speakers are chosen from our sphere and Refugee Activist from other German States are invited to share their long years of experiences in the struggle through exchanges and join us to formulate better strategies to strengthen the ongoing protest actions in Baden Wurttemberg. The core objective of the Conference will be stressed on building Refugee Communities with priorities in acknowledging that we are the best persons to tell our own stories from why we are here and what we are confronted with in the system. Because without us as practical victims, compromise will continually be celebrated while the main problems of discrimination, racism and stigmatization propagated through a beautiful face seasonal antiracist activism remains the daily order.

Reasons for Our struggles…

Although individual or specific situation in Lagers may seem different in Nature all over Germany, the Situations of every refugee boils down to the German Apartheid concept of isolation, exclusion and total control of those seen as unwanted in this society. The values of the so called unwanted guests are identified with being accommodated in Lagers located either at the edge of the Community or in the middle of nowhere, striped off all rights to privacy and choice, restricted from exercising the right to move freely and availability of limited medical attention, just to name a few among other repressive mechanisms.

The State projects Refugees as enemies of the Society who must be left defenseless while a crusade of systematic destruction goes on unabated. Their daily lives are complemented with instrumental hatred, discrimination, total control and institutionalized racism. The lager as the central instrument of the repression is nothing short from Segregation Ghettos beautifully made by name of Asylum homes. The Lager mentality is reminiscent of the old times of slavery, colonialism and nationalism, a strategy to keep the so called bad eggs far from the normal Society to facilitate identification, control and deportation. Continuous repressive cultures are imposed on us, to frighten, traumatize and psychologically destroy us in other to sustain the German culture of dominance and superiority.

The whole repression has even brain-washed many of us who are now made to see the different available ways to survive as the only possibility. We do not even know who to trust anymore. i.e. the Good or Bad amongst the Social workers, the Police or otherwise. In many cases, the social workers become the major horror to the Victimized Refugees. The German Asylum politics is a contradiction to the UN Convention on refugee protection creating well meditated loop holes for their administrative Districts and departments to enforce arbitrary decrees.

Enough is enough from institutionalized lies and mockery. Knowing the truth of what it is costing to run the whole mechanism of control is a right to every German. It costs the state far more to deport, fortify boarder Regimes and enforce the repressive forces than it cost to allow us the freedom guaranteed by international standards.

By self organization, the deeds of the state would be made known to the Society, Refugees will be able to keep the Authorities’ on serious check, Refugees will be able to know their rights to resist any form of repression and institutionalized lies and mockery, Refugees would have the guts to always ask the Question “Why” which commits officials to lying in defense of their practices of injustice.

Community networking in Lagers is intended to redirect Refugees’ attention to the lager as the central base for all the repression, analyze the need for us refugees to believe in our potentials and bridge the gap between the repression we face in this so-called “democratic Germany” and our basic reason of flight because, “we are here because you destroyed our Countries”.

We demand the Closure of all Lagers

We demand the abolition of racial Segregating Laws

We demand freedom and dignity for all including Refugees.


Flüchtlinge werden weiter gezwungen, überteuerte Lebensmittel zu kaufen Monday, Mar 7 2011 

Zwei Euro für den Liter Milch

Biberach: Flüchtlinge werden weiter gezwungen, überteuerte Lebensmittel zu kaufen
Von Gitta Düperthal

Für die Flüchtlinge im baden-württembergischen Kreis Biberach an der Riß hat sich nichts geändert. Immer noch müssen sie morgens in aller Frühe um sieben Uhr Lebensmittel und Kleidung von zweifelhafter Qualität abholen, die ihnen ein Laster der Firma Dreikönig aus Schwäbisch-Gemünd zweimal wöchentlich vor der Gemeinschaftsunterkunft in der Bleicherstraße anliefert. Darüber hatten sich die Bewohner der Unterkunft bereits im August vergangenen Jahres beschwert, und einen von 130 Flüchtlingen unterschriebenen offenen Brief an das Landratsamt geschickt. »Wir nehmen die Vorwürfe sehr ernst«, hatte daraufhin der im Landratsamt zuständige Abteilungsleiter für Soziales, Arnfried Stoffner, damals gegenüber junge Welt gesagt.

»Es wurde viel geredet, besser geworden ist nach fünf Monaten rein gar nichts«, berichtete der Sprecher der Flüchtlingsinitiative Biberach Rex Osa in der vergangenen Woche am Telefon. Besonders erniedrigend sei für die Flüchtlinge, daß ihnen in diesem harten Winter keine Winterschuhe zur Verfügung gestellt worden seien. Viele Flüchtlinge hatten die Annahme von Schuhen minderer Qualität, die den Temperaturen und Schneeverhältnissen nicht entsprachen, boykottiert. Daraufhin habe das Landratsamt, so Osa, eine weitere Demütigung parat gehabt: Wer die Schuhe nicht annehmen wollte, erhielt Gutscheine für einen Diakonie-Laden, der Second-Hand-Schuhe verkauft. Der Sozialamtsleiter Hermann Kienle fand diese Sanktionierung nicht anstößig. Er bestätigte gegenüber jW: »Sie wollten ja keine neuen Schuhe haben, also müssen sie eben die alten nehmen«.

Für Kienle bleibt es dabei: Das Amt verhalte sich gesetzeskonform. »Aus unserer Sicht ist die Versorgung in Ordnung«. Seltsam nur, daß es dann soviele Einwände gibt. »Wir sind ständig dabei, Beschwerden nachzugehen«, versicherte der Behördenleiter. Mittlerweile kommen die Beschwerden auch nicht mehr nur von den Flüchtlingen selber. So beschreibt beispielsweise Dierk Andresen, der für seine lokale Webseite 2003 den Ehrenamtspreis des Landkreises Biberach erhalten hat, in Teil neun seiner Reportage-Serie über Flüchtlinge: Die Bewohner der Gemeinschaftsunterkunft würden genötigt, vom kümmerlichen Betrag von 170 Euro, den sie monatlich für Lebensmittel erhielten, überteuerte Produkte einkaufen zu müssen. Für einen Liter Milch, der im Discounter 69 Cent kostet, müssten die Asylbewerber in Biberach beispielsweise 2,12 Euro an die Zulieferfirma zahlen; für drei Tomaten, für die nach dem Marktwert höchstens mit 85 Cent bezahlt werden dürften, 1,36 Euro. Kienle nennt das »alles bloß Behauptungen« – bestreiten will er die allerdings auch nicht. Er wisse es einfach nicht. Auch das erstaunt. Schließlich sind die geschilderten Mißstände schon seit langem bekannt – und das Amt hatte laut Kienle wegen der anhaltenden Proteste »die Kontrolldichte erhöht«.

Informiert ist auch seit langem bereits die Sozialdezernentin Petra Alger, die bei einem Besuch in der Gemeinschaftsunterkunft im September vergangenen Jahres mit Verweis auf das Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz des Bundes, auf dem Prinzip der Sachleistung beharrte. Die Möglichkeit von Wertgutscheinen oder Bargeld gebe es nur, »wenn Sachleistungen nicht umsetzbar sind«, behauptete Alger. Im Landkreis Biberach sind sie offenbar »nicht umsetzbar«, denn die Flüchtlinge seien schon lange nicht mehr bereit, permanent Einschränkungen ihrer Freiheit hinzunehmen, so deren Sprecher Rex Osa. »Wir sind ungeduldig, und wollen uns nicht mehr als Menschen zweiter Klasse behandeln lassen«

18.01.2011 / Inland / Seite 4Inhalt

Africans must rise up to Relevance Thursday, Jan 6 2011 

Solidarity for Mbolo Yufanyi Gedenken an Laye Conde in Bremen Oury Jalloh

Times are changing for the worse and our race is continuously faced with threat of strong discrimination and irrelevance, the inevitable call for a Forum to address crucial issues regarding our presence and relevance in the Western world requires urgent response.

The Forum should critically analyze how we should see integration in connection with ongoing debate and its effects how we should see ourselves in this society.

The forum should also represent a platform for disseminating information on rights, obligations, and privileges and possibly promote our diverse Cultural heritage and interest of Hybridization to this society.

The forum shall mobilize self expression to promote issues affecting us with the different Authorities and identify how coming together harnesses the power of unity, consolidation of ideas, identity needs and the creation of avenues to be there for one another.   

Emigration has taken a continuously exploding course and our continent is a major actor in this direction based on the ever increasing manipulations in our home Polity. Every day see a new comer in our mist even thou we may be located far in different corners. We do need a central meeting point to coordinate together.

This forum would concretely harmonize our various ethnic communities and create a plain ground to constantly define our common interest through a central coordination through a common and well structured Agenda in our best interest. 

It is absolutely necessary that we structure a better future for our Children in this society by impacting constant orientation on how they should position themselves in this society.

The fact that we are here boils down to the Slogan, “We are here because you destroyed our countries”. How it connects our experiences through terrenes of the dreaded Frontex and the confrontation with hatred in this society has to be clearly analyzed, otherwise our future generations would be brain washed into the racial profiling of this society.

The need to create relevance rather than locking ourselves  up in self isolation i.e. as a black man nothing goes in your favor hence we settle even below minimum rather than breaking the silence.

 Our Identity is our presence here; we need to lay emphasis on our personality and see ourselves as the driving tool for that identity we represent. Inferiority complexes championed by the so called powerful nations like Germany must be rejected in its totality and promote the spirit of being our brother’s keeper.

Creating relevance does not mean popularity or staying at the forefront of the Political agenda, it starts from our self determination with a goal set for ourselves. We need to identify the space for being active and knowing that what affects one affects all.

We must leave above that “Every man for himself or there is no alternative” idealogy which set us back as Africans. We must realize our potentials as Heirs to the struggle of recognition and stand against every strategy that sets us against ourselves..

We need to sustain this relevance through spirit of service and sacrifice on our part.  We need to utilize the optimism in the air and take up a new sense of possibility and attitude backed by diligence and willingness to show our relevance.

We need to be together, not necessarily under an Umbrella defined with Head and Tail, but to see that we have the same goal

We are Models of the African pride; we must rise from being just there to fill the spaces to relevance in determining the progress of this society, back home as well as reviving the assumed bad image about us in this society.

Let us use the opportunity of the injustice against our Brother, Activist and friend Mbolo Yufanyi Movuh to redefine our course and exercise solidarity for one of so many cases. We must also not forget Oury Jalloh, Laye Konde others known and unknown victims of death through institutionalized racism.

Racism-a German Culture Thursday, Dec 16 2010 

We are here because we dared all risk to criticize bad governance in our Homeland. The only possible option was the modern democratic Germany where criticism is seen as beneficial to societal development. The reverse has been the case as we are criminalized through State promoted racial hatred.

On a day-to-day basis, we encounter unfriendly Character in disguise of being concerned about the abuses we face in this society. Our experiences has shown that the foreign officers regular enforcers of injustice are better than some members of the Society who actively engage in different Asylum supporting groups either to analyze our mistakes as a duty to serve injustice or as opportunity to ease boredom of Pension and otherwise. Although there is the saying that”None is better amongst the Siblings of the Snake” but the enemy you know is always better than the one you are not aware of.

Our routine complaints of mishandling based on racial hatred are taken too personal by many in the German society. We have become practical objects of racial profiling and the States tools for societal practice of dominance engineered by the State.

The resounding comments of our being here because we saw no Perspective in our Homeland is annoying because the need to emigrate is already a Perspective;- it is that perspective that motivates our endless strength through the Fortress and warms us up as we journey through hard winter weather. What more could be of a perspective as the Slogan” We are here because you destroyed our Country”?

We are seen to be asking for too much. Even real Germans cannot have it all hence we must accept the opportunity to live here quietly in peace and be grateful for the available offers from the State i.e, a Roof over ones head, Heater so as not to Freeze up, available rather than preferable food not to Hunger etc. but living quietly in Peace entails a lot component than that.

We are indeed really thankful especially to the Taxpayers endless sweat. But what we have always asked for is just “due dignity as Humans”. Could that be too much of a request?

It is also noteworthy to emphasize the fact that we neither didn’t sleep on Trees nor ate from Garbage dumps back Home. Winter is ruled out as most of us were fortunate to come from non Winter Zone and Pork meat would never be an option as our discipline.

Unfortunately, like we are partly blamed for the Massive unemployment, many Germans would have loved to place us as the cause of the Financial Crises if not that it would reduce their racist popularity and expose the obvious lies even to the Ignorant.

We are hunted with complaints of economic decline and the negative effects of Migrants on the Social Welfare fund without considering the millions wasted on the isolation, control, deportation and destruction of those seen as unwanted by the German State.

One thing remains clear, No matter what name we are called, we will never accept the position of beggars without choice because dignity is our bona-fide right and  no repressive instrument can erase that from our memory.

The mark of identity of Nigerians being very corrupt does not make all Nigerians feel insulted because it is a culture already imbibed in the system just like some Germans should also not feel offended to hear that Racism is a German culture.

Sarazin is famous with his idea at the moment because he wrote exactly the minds of a larger percent of the Germans. He is the new prophet of the Future Germany with his books selling widely.

Questions we have to ask our selves are;

What is actually new in Sarazin’s ideology?

Is Sarazin’s comment not just a re-echoing of the usual German Culture?

Rex Osa

The Voice Forum Bad. Wuett.

Witthoh Isolation Lager – a place far away from everything Sunday, Dec 5 2010 

Essenspakete in Bayern sind extrem überteuert

Photos from Witthoh

The Asylum Lager in Witthoh – Immedingen is really a place far away from everything as one Refugee described it in a report published by the Fluechtlingsrat Baden Wurttemberg rundbrief. Further investigation as part of the mobilization of self organization of Refugee confirmed how bad it could be for the Refugees in that Lager.

A visit to Witthoh by an Activist of the Voice Refugee Forum and Caravan Network prompted individual interview of Refugees who emphasized the inevitable need for the Closure of the Lager. The innocent Victims earnestly called for solidarity against the German State Isolation and exclusion Policies.

Individual refugees also narrated their personal experiences ranging from unfairness from the Federal Office responsible for Asylum {BAMF} and other Authorities on the State and local levels {RP and Landkreis}. The aspect of right to privacy was very crucial as their letters were rather gotten through the district Official assign to the Lager. A practice that has always had negative impact on required urgency to respond to the appropriate Authority which sometime cause them to be criminalized with the so called “Obligation to co-operate with the authority’ Policy” {Mitwirkungpflicht} and the failure to meet the time frame for appeal against rejection from the Authorities.

Living Situation of Refugees

The food distribution is operated in the Point Store System as one amongst several practices in Baden Wurttemberg. The Shop is opened for 3.5 hrs,  2 times Weekly {Monday and Tuesday} and every Refugee has 600 points allocated to them, unlike Biberach Riss where Refugees are allocated 500points taken from the Drei Konig Company delivery Truck three times weekly {Monday, Wednessday and Friday}bc.

The food available was associated with total unfairness ranging from neither Milk Products that were already 5 days expired nor 2 days to expiration. Yogurt expired since May 2009 was also amongst products offered to Refugees who owed their trust to the perfection in Germany and cared less to taking note. Available Sausages were neither with manufacturing nor expiration dates. More obvious and unbelievable was the availability of Contaminated Bottled water estimated at more than 30percent. One could not imagine the level of infection the Refugees would have been going through over the years. {Confirmed Fact with evidence}

According to the food didtributing Officer, the expiry dates are only to control its availability in the Supermarket, they are still safe for use even up to Two weeks after, I do consume expired product he said!!!.

The Question now would be, “How do you then categorize the Point Shop?

Could it be in any way connected to a Supermarket or otherwise?

Witthoh Accommodation facility houses far more than 100 Refugees with only 4 available Washing machines but at this time of investigation, one amongst the 4 machines was out of Order.

As the normal design from the German Asylum Policy in Germany, the Witthoh Refugees lamented the usual forced habit of sleeping eating all day, we are interested in working even on 1 Euro basis, but the Officials do not allow it. We have even resorted to search for these Jobs ourselves but the Officials finally would allocate it to others. This is total hatred and discrimination according to the Refugee Victims. The District- Tuttlingen is bent on destroying us day by day, we cannot envisage our Future in any positive direction; we are tired of it all and cannot live here anymore.  We are calling for Solidarity from all. This Witthoh Lager has to be closed!!!!!!!!!!

Another painful tragedy with a family with 5 kids abandoned in the Witthoh Lager and meted with real show of discrimination. The eldest daughter who is 7 years old has to be withdrawn from the school because of her poor German language ability; she is to join her younger ones in the Kindergarten which is totally unfair and illegal. By normal Standard, she needed extra support to catch up quickly with her peers as her right not only based on international Standard as a refugee but also based on the German acclaimed Constitution on the rights of Children residing in Germany.

The Wife as a nursing Mother has the Permission to work while her husband would love to find a Job but has no permission.

What a high degree of hatred and wickedness as one refugee continuously emphasized, why should this Family be put here in this Lager even if not for the parents, but at least for the sake of the innocent Kids. It is really ridiculous from the Tuttlingen District.

The Bathing water in the lager is not Hygienic as Refugees complained. We are faced with body scratching after we use the shower and even a Doctor confirmed the cause to be based on the use of unhygienic water.

Refugees complained about problems associated with breathing after staying so long in their Rooms especially when they wake up in their Rooms. The building is in itself too Old and should have been built with outdated materials. According to the Refugees, It is extra ordinarily critical in the Core of the winter. One part of the Building is totally inhabitable hence we have to squat with friends on the other part of the building, thus compounding the problems of congestion in rooms. We are scared of such out come again as the winter is taking off gradually.

Most of the Refugees have to pay fines based on the criminalization with the so Called Residentpflicht Gesetz. Just sight seeing to Witthoh would tell that no normal Human can stay in Witthoh for so long. It is better to be criminalized unjustly than staying here traumatized and destroyed lamented the Refugees.

The Refugees demand immediate Closure of the Witthoh Lager and the abolition of all forms of discrimination

Support the struggle against Isolation and Exclusion of Refugees


Rex Osa


Fluechtlings initiative Baden Wurttemberg

Tel.:     017627873832


Biberach Refugees’ Critics makes no difference to the authorites and the politicians Friday, Dec 3 2010 

Five months after Biberach Refugees expressed their feeling of abuse and inhumanities from the District Authority, not even the least of change has been offered not withstanding all promises by the Authorities to look into it.

Even the acclaimed improvement of the Food delivery could also not be accomplished by the District Officials rather, the Drei Konig Food distributing Firm continues to Wax stronger in its dominance i.e the continuous supply of substandard food quality and further imposition of  Identity Control at every food collection exercise{as the usual punishment for resistance in democratic Germany}.

The continuous scandal of these inhumanities from the District Administration caught the attention of the SPD Senator – Hon. Martin Gester who squeezed out about two {2} Hours to meet personally with the Refugees and some Officials of the district Administration. Hon. Gester at the end of the meeting promised to present the Plight of the Refugees to the District Parliamentary Council for discussion with regards to Food Voucher as his recommendation.

The CDU Senator Mr. Joseph Rief also visited the scene of the food distribution and saw for himself the failures that the Refugees had always complained about. One could see Mr. Rief as an expert in accessing Good quality food, but not withstanding his observation, he responded that the Refugees prefers to live with the Packet food distribution system.Where he got that misinformation from is still unknown and considering the fact that he ignored speaking with any of the Refugee during his visitation portrayed no positive expectation from him.  It is also important to note that Mr.Rief`s interest to visit the scene was not based on humanitarian concern but rather to fulfill all righteousness based on pressure from the Weberberg Radiators reports {}.

The Green Party and the FDP were never heard off in the whole discussion although they express a manifesto that speaks in such direction.

The District Boss Mrs. Alger during her meeting with the Refugees promised to forward the ongoing Complaint to Ministry of Internal Affairs, but our expectations were not short from an absolute negative response because her letter would definitely have taken the bureaucratic tune that speaks a negative response in advance rather than expressing the actual humanitarian need in this regard..

The inhumanities ranges from the abuse to human dignity of the Victims and the insincerity of the Authorities to its citizens on how much Taxes Payers money is wasted unjustifiably based on hatred for Refugees.

The whole problem lies within the powers of the District Administration because they are responsible for recommendation to the higher Arm of Government rather than dodging responsibility and asking the poor Refugees to turn to the Politicians. This was also confirmed by an FdP Parliamentarian – Mr. Dieter Kleinmann in a Plenary Session organized by the Refugee Council in Stuttgart. The unanswered Question is “Who is then responsible”.

Such experiences confirm how much the World Class Democratic German Society hates us not only as Refugees but also as Migrants. Some Refugees who still had an iota of trust for the so-called democracy could now see the obvious and never could imagine discrimination and Racism against us in this society.

Matter of Urgency

The core of winter is approaching fast and more than 60 percent of Refugees including little Kids rejected the usual offer of substandard and Stigmatizing Cloths and Shoes from the District through the Questionable Drei Konig Company. One could not imagine the existing corrupt collaboration between the District Authority and Drei Konig Company with more than 15 years bad record to its Client {District Authority}. Nevertheless, the District Authority continuous protection of the Drei Konig Monopolistic position remains Questionable.

The Refugees found nothing reasonable to pick out amongst the Cloths which included some stuffs that were repeatedly offered with escalated prices{as Points}. Those Refugees who collected the offers were either persuaded by district Officials or scared of drastic Repercussions through indirect threats on the position of their Asylum Application. More also, the available offers were more of Summer Stuffs except for the Large Stock of Stigmatizing Jackets.

The way forward for the Refugee Struggle in Biberach and Baden Wuettemberg is slated for discussion on 18.12.10 in the Conference on Racism and Discrimination in Jena.

We demand immediate withdrawal of the Transaction with the Drei Konig Company!!!

We demand immediate provision for the Purchase of Winter Cloths and Shoes for the Refugees

We demand the abolition of Food Packet System!

We demand the abolition of the Present Clothing Procurement System!

We demand the abolition of movement restriction fpor Refugees!

We demand the right to human dignity for Refugees!

Rex Osa


The Voice Forum {}

Fluechtlingsinitiative Biberach {}

Tel. Contact: 017627873832

Innocent Nigerian Citizens Languish in Jail Saturday, Oct 23 2010 Patric Okoroafor

There a Thousands of innocent Citizen facing unjust imprisonment of such in Nigeria.

It is time for Nigerians in Diaspora to act.

Support the campaign against unfair Judicial Proceedings in Nigeria

Solidaritätserklärung des Netzwerks „Deutschland Lagerland“ für den Kampf der Flüchtlinge aus Biberach gegen menschenunwürdige Lebensbedingungen Thursday, Sep 23 2010 

Liebe AktivistInnen der „Flüchtlingsinitiative Biberach“,

liebe BewohnerInnen des Biberacher Flüchtlingslagers,

wir freuen uns sehr darüber, dass ihr gegenüber der Öffentlichkeit und den Behörden des Landkreises Biberach/Riss eure Stimme erhoben habt, um gegen die unmenschlichen und diskriminierenden Lebensbedingungen zu protestieren, die euch und vielen anderen Flüchtlingen durch den deutschen Staat zugemutet werden. Wir möchten euch an dieser Stelle unsere Verbundenheit und Solidarität ausdrücken, denn eure Forderungen sind auch unsere Forderungen: Abschaffung der Essenspakete, Abschaffung des Kleidungsbeschaffungssystems und Abschaffung der Bewegungsbeschränkung. Für die gleichen Ziele befanden sich die BewohnerInnen der niederbayerischen Flüchtlingslager in Hauzenberg und Breitenberg vom 26. Januar bis zum 14. Februar 2010 im Hungerstreik; für die gleichen Ziele haben über 200 Flüchtlinge in 10 bayerischen Lagern zwischen Januar und April 2010 die Annahme der Essenspakete verweigert. Leider sind eure Forderungen, ebenso wie die Forderungen des bayerischen Lagerstreiks, bislang in den wesentlichen Punkten unerfüllt geblieben oder wurden mit mickrigen Minimalzugeständnissen beantwortet – umso mehr müssen wir gemeinsam für eine wirkliche Veränderung kämpfen!

Ähnlich wie ihr haben auch die Flüchtlinge in Bayern immer wieder erlebt, dass BehördenvertreterInnen lieber betonen, wofür sie angeblich nicht zuständig sind, anstatt ihre Handlungsspielräume im Interesse der Flüchtlinge zu nutzen. Was die Anwendung der Residenzpflicht-Beschränkung durch das Landratsamt Biberach betrifft, muss betont werden, dass kein Gesetz die Behörde zwingt, das Verlassen des Landkreises auf 14 Tage pro Jahr zu begrenzen. Anstatt sich auf der eigenen Nicht-Zuständigkeit für Residenzpflicht und Sachleistungsversorgung auszuruhen sollten sich die VertreterInnen des Biberacher Landratsamtes lieber gegenüber dem Land Baden-Württemberg für die Erfüllung der Flüchtlingsforderungen einsetzen.

Wir meinen: Flüchtlinge dürfen nicht länger mit dem Wegschieben von Verantwortlichkeiten abgespeist werden! Entscheidend für uns ist nicht, wofür nach formal-rechtlichen Kriterien ein Landratsamt, eine Bezirksregierung, eine Landesregierung oder die Bundesregierung zuständig ist. Was für uns zählt ist, dass den menschenverachtenden Praktiken der Diskriminierung, Ausgrenzung und Bevormundung von Flüchtlingen endlich ein Ende bereitet wird. Dafür reichen keine Minimalzugeständnisse und keine unverbindlichen Verständnisbekundungen.

Die Beschränkung der Bewegungsfreiheit durch Residenzpflicht muss abgeschafft werden – in Baden-Württemberg, in Bayern und in der ganzen Bundesrepublik! Die entmündigende Mangelversorgung mit Essenspaketen und Sachleistungen muss beendet werden, Flüchtlinge müssen über ihr eigenes Geld selbst verfügen! Statt der erzwungenen Unterbringung in Lagern müssen Flüchtlinge das Recht haben, ihren Wohnort und ihre Wohnung frei zu wählen!

Die Forderungen der Biberacher Flüchtlinge nach menschenwürdigen Lebensbedingungen sind Belange von großem öffentlichen Interesse. Wir fordern daher die Landkreisverwaltung Biberach/Riss auf, das Recht der Flüchtlinge auf Anteilnahme der Öffentlichkeit an zukünftigen Verhandlungen mit BehördenvertreterInnen zu respektieren und nicht weiter zu unterbinden!

Eine Solidaritätsdelegation des Netzwerks „Deutschland Lagerland“ wird innerhalb der kommenden Monate nach Biberach fahren, um sich ein Bild von der Lage vor Ort zu machen und die Forderungen der Flüchtlings-AktivistInnen zu unterstützen.

Bis dahin wünschen wir euch alles Gute und viel Kraft für euren Kampf!

Netzwerk „Deutschland Lagerland“

München, 20. September 2010

Note Correction!!!Asylbewerber wollen mehr Freiheiten Friday, Sep 10 2010,-Asylbewerber-wollen-mehr-Freiheiten-_arid,4155813.html

The complaint of the Biberach Refugee concern about 130 Victims and not 40 as stated in the Schwaebisch Zeitung.

That statistic would have be emphasised by the District Officials in the bid to downplay our Strength.

We represent the concern of all Refugees in Biberach District.

All meetings are held with Delegated representatives of the Asylum Accomodation in Ochsenhausenand Bad Schusenried.

The Bleicherstr is just the contact Point because of its Position in the City and based on limited funds for Logistics.

We do not want an open Meeting- says Mrs Alger Thursday, Sep 9 2010 

I witnessed the abnormalities in some products especially the fresh foods, I also wouldn’t accept it if I were in your shoes!!!! That was the comment from Mrs Alger – Biberach District Social Department Boss.

The Refugees already expected the same Old story of mockery and direct show of not been wanted in this Society. All the same, they sat down patiently to here from the Horses Mouth.

The difficult issue for the officials is to openly tell the Refugees that the whole measures are intended to frustrate the victims and discourage immigration to Germany otherwise they have the possibilities to put things right.

We cannot change the situation; We are just Officials who are compelled to implement the laws of the land, emphasised the District Officials.

Why didn’t you send us those responsible for the Situation rather than your coming? Asked one Refugee who had lots to express if not for                                           the Language barrier.

Another Refugee added, why is it that German Official always deny responsibility when issues of such arises except on situations to exercise wickedness?               What a fair Bureaucracy!

I do also apply for permission to go on Holiday after which I “must” have to return back at the stipulated time- explains Mrs S. Ludwig – Foreign Officer/ Integration Officer/ Municipal Order Officer as she projects her leniency in considering permission to leave the District.

Mrs Ludwig presented Biberach as fair compared to other District around as she confirms the recent loosening of the restriction to 14days yearly with a Claus of exception “Only those without Criminal Offences”.

It was also funny to compare Biberach as being more considerate than other District and overlook where Biberach fails to meet the minimum standard of Human dignity which other Districts respects.

What was also clear to the Audience present was that we never lied, our complaint were confirmed by the Officiers themselves. Even the Officers responsible for the direct supervision knew all these while but kept quite about it.

About 170 Euros is allocated from Tax payers money to care for our meals monthly but what we actually receive falls short of this amount. What we receive is not more than 50 Euros lamented the Refugees. Why would someone ever think of robbing from us- we are dam poor, why should this happen to us.Tax payer’s money has to be dispensed the way it is presented to the Public.

We are not asking for too much. We appreciate the tax Payers effort and we would love to also contribute to these funds if given the opportunity. The officials dwell on interpretation of the complicated part of the law and overlook exceptions that mean good for us.

Even with the daily Revisions in the laws, Biberach remains far away from Berlin except for Revsions having to do with fortifying the repression.

Why would the Dictrict Boss refuse an open meeting with the Press? There must have been no other reason but the intention to divert public interest and cover up bad deeds.

We await the decision of the District Officials as stated in their letter of invitation to us. We are running out of Patience and would not hesitate moving to our next line of action except the Authourities respond without delay.

The German public should understand that our resistance against  injustice to us means  resistance against insincerity of the Authorities to them as Germans. This  may sound like an irony for the now but  that is a sincere truth.

We demand that freedom which is the bona fide right of every human.

We demand abolition of all forms of discrimination

Flüchtlinge Biberach Riß

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