Solidarity for Mbolo Yufanyi Gedenken an Laye Conde in Bremen Oury Jalloh

Times are changing for the worse and our race is continuously faced with threat of strong discrimination and irrelevance, the inevitable call for a Forum to address crucial issues regarding our presence and relevance in the Western world requires urgent response.

The Forum should critically analyze how we should see integration in connection with ongoing debate and its effects how we should see ourselves in this society.

The forum should also represent a platform for disseminating information on rights, obligations, and privileges and possibly promote our diverse Cultural heritage and interest of Hybridization to this society.

The forum shall mobilize self expression to promote issues affecting us with the different Authorities and identify how coming together harnesses the power of unity, consolidation of ideas, identity needs and the creation of avenues to be there for one another.   

Emigration has taken a continuously exploding course and our continent is a major actor in this direction based on the ever increasing manipulations in our home Polity. Every day see a new comer in our mist even thou we may be located far in different corners. We do need a central meeting point to coordinate together.

This forum would concretely harmonize our various ethnic communities and create a plain ground to constantly define our common interest through a central coordination through a common and well structured Agenda in our best interest. 

It is absolutely necessary that we structure a better future for our Children in this society by impacting constant orientation on how they should position themselves in this society.

The fact that we are here boils down to the Slogan, “We are here because you destroyed our countries”. How it connects our experiences through terrenes of the dreaded Frontex and the confrontation with hatred in this society has to be clearly analyzed, otherwise our future generations would be brain washed into the racial profiling of this society.

The need to create relevance rather than locking ourselves  up in self isolation i.e. as a black man nothing goes in your favor hence we settle even below minimum rather than breaking the silence.

 Our Identity is our presence here; we need to lay emphasis on our personality and see ourselves as the driving tool for that identity we represent. Inferiority complexes championed by the so called powerful nations like Germany must be rejected in its totality and promote the spirit of being our brother’s keeper.

Creating relevance does not mean popularity or staying at the forefront of the Political agenda, it starts from our self determination with a goal set for ourselves. We need to identify the space for being active and knowing that what affects one affects all.

We must leave above that “Every man for himself or there is no alternative” idealogy which set us back as Africans. We must realize our potentials as Heirs to the struggle of recognition and stand against every strategy that sets us against ourselves..

We need to sustain this relevance through spirit of service and sacrifice on our part.  We need to utilize the optimism in the air and take up a new sense of possibility and attitude backed by diligence and willingness to show our relevance.

We need to be together, not necessarily under an Umbrella defined with Head and Tail, but to see that we have the same goal

We are Models of the African pride; we must rise from being just there to fill the spaces to relevance in determining the progress of this society, back home as well as reviving the assumed bad image about us in this society.

Let us use the opportunity of the injustice against our Brother, Activist and friend Mbolo Yufanyi Movuh to redefine our course and exercise solidarity for one of so many cases. We must also not forget Oury Jalloh, Laye Konde others known and unknown victims of death through institutionalized racism.