Innocent Nigerian Citizens Languish in Jail Saturday, Oct 23 2010 Patric Okoroafor

There a Thousands of innocent Citizen facing unjust imprisonment of such in Nigeria.

It is time for Nigerians in Diaspora to act.

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Illegal deportation Collaboration Friday, Aug 6 2010 

Principal Immigration Officer Under Fire
Posted on Jun 10, 2010, 07:44

The Principal Immigration Officer (PIO), Mr. Kholifa Koroma has unfortunately found himself in a state of dilemma. He is currently battling to restore his dignity or faces criminal charges that would see him appearing in a legally constituted and competent court in the jurisdiction of Sierra Leone.

Police at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) are reportedly digging and turning documents, which would collaborate the evidence of Veronica Jallah, Abu Bakarr Kabbah and other witnesses, including the Immigration Department Accountant, Mr. Kakay.

As a former police officer, Mr. Koroma keeps dribbling his colleagues left, right and centre any time he is called upon for questioning. Police sources say, time will one day catch up with him and when that happens he would have no alternative but to give himself up before a warrant of arrest is signed and executed, which would be an embarrassment to both his office and his person.

The investigation into financial misappropriation of public fund, assault and embezzlement are the areas the investigators have focused their attention for the past couple of weeks. Mrs. Kadie Sesay is reportedly helping the investigators when her name was mentioned during the course of investigation. She allegedly collected some ETC forms which she has not been able to give account of till date. This disclosure was made by the Accountant to the police, which gave leads to the investigators as they condone all possible areas to track those suspected to have soiled their hands with public money down.

It would be recalled that a verification mission was conducted in Germany and other European countries of illegal Sierra Leoneans residing in those countries. The Principal Immigration Officer, Mr. Koroma represented his country and was part of the officers assigned with the responsibility to verify the illegal aliens. The German authority and the authorities in countries that these illegal aliens were residing funded the exercise. Payments were made in foreign currencies, but the officials who took part in the exercise recorded Leones, instead of the currency paid.

Immigration sources say in some cases the correct amount paid per alien was not properly recorded and the money reportedly not paid into the government account. Police at the slatter terrace wants to know where the money was paid into since their arrival to date, which the Accountant, Mr. Kakay according to police sources said he has no knowledge about as no dime was paid to him. The Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Mr. Soluko is reportedly desperate to uncover the truth and has assigned some of his hard- nut- to- crack officers in the investigation, including officer Sylvester and his immediate boss Officer Samuel Kargbo alias “Chairman” one time ACC investigator