Racism-a German Culture Thursday, Dec 16 2010 

We are here because we dared all risk to criticize bad governance in our Homeland. The only possible option was the modern democratic Germany where criticism is seen as beneficial to societal development. The reverse has been the case as we are criminalized through State promoted racial hatred.

On a day-to-day basis, we encounter unfriendly Character in disguise of being concerned about the abuses we face in this society. Our experiences has shown that the foreign officers regular enforcers of injustice are better than some members of the Society who actively engage in different Asylum supporting groups either to analyze our mistakes as a duty to serve injustice or as opportunity to ease boredom of Pension and otherwise. Although there is the saying that”None is better amongst the Siblings of the Snake” but the enemy you know is always better than the one you are not aware of.

Our routine complaints of mishandling based on racial hatred are taken too personal by many in the German society. We have become practical objects of racial profiling and the States tools for societal practice of dominance engineered by the State.

The resounding comments of our being here because we saw no Perspective in our Homeland is annoying because the need to emigrate is already a Perspective;- it is that perspective that motivates our endless strength through the Fortress and warms us up as we journey through hard winter weather. What more could be of a perspective as the Slogan” We are here because you destroyed our Country”?

We are seen to be asking for too much. Even real Germans cannot have it all hence we must accept the opportunity to live here quietly in peace and be grateful for the available offers from the State i.e, a Roof over ones head, Heater so as not to Freeze up, available rather than preferable food not to Hunger etc. but living quietly in Peace entails a lot component than that.

We are indeed really thankful especially to the Taxpayers endless sweat. But what we have always asked for is just “due dignity as Humans”. Could that be too much of a request?

It is also noteworthy to emphasize the fact that we neither didn’t sleep on Trees nor ate from Garbage dumps back Home. Winter is ruled out as most of us were fortunate to come from non Winter Zone and Pork meat would never be an option as our discipline.

Unfortunately, like we are partly blamed for the Massive unemployment, many Germans would have loved to place us as the cause of the Financial Crises if not that it would reduce their racist popularity and expose the obvious lies even to the Ignorant.

We are hunted with complaints of economic decline and the negative effects of Migrants on the Social Welfare fund without considering the millions wasted on the isolation, control, deportation and destruction of those seen as unwanted by the German State.

One thing remains clear, No matter what name we are called, we will never accept the position of beggars without choice because dignity is our bona-fide right and  no repressive instrument can erase that from our memory.

The mark of identity of Nigerians being very corrupt does not make all Nigerians feel insulted because it is a culture already imbibed in the system just like some Germans should also not feel offended to hear that Racism is a German culture.

Sarazin is famous with his idea at the moment because he wrote exactly the minds of a larger percent of the Germans. He is the new prophet of the Future Germany with his books selling widely.

Questions we have to ask our selves are;

What is actually new in Sarazin’s ideology?

Is Sarazin’s comment not just a re-echoing of the usual German Culture?

Rex Osa

The Voice Forum Bad. Wuett.

Flüchtlinge sind selbst Kämpfer – von Rex Osa Tuesday, Aug 31 2010 


Refugees are themselves Fighters Wednesday, Aug 11 2010 

Despite the popular Campaigns against all forms of injustice, one can identify neither little nor no changes but the Western compromising Culture of giving with the Left Hand and taking with the Right Hand at the same time. Quite a number of rectified laws seem favorable or successful but to Realist especially the oppressed, they remain as injustice beautified.
Although this has been the horror that quite a number of the left-wing groups would not accept, but this is what makes the difference between us “That compromise for human dignity” is what we stand against.
While we speak against the unjust Laws, we do not expect solidarity that depends on redefining the same law as the Borderline to which we are bounded.
Discussions on mobilizing support on self-determination of victims themselves have always ended up in Conflicts because we are seen as helpless who cannot fight for themselves.
Thanks to the Caravan Festival which reunited all Conflicting groups to celebrate the long years of active struggle even at our differences. The Festival created that space to chat a new course together. The festival idea expressed how we should see ourselves as self-determined victims.
From practical experiences as Victims, Individual support has always been more positive minded than in the name of the group Bonded by their own compromising mode of operations that suit the existence in the eyes of the Law.
Refugees are always taken as available Objects for News headlines with the intention to polish the State’s image and its social welfare Schemes rather than presenting the actual situations they face. The support Groups keep embarrassing us with resounding interpretation of the laws instead of trying to understand the inhumanity it stands for.
We have the shoes on, we take the whole Risk of damning deportation and other instruments of injustice. Our struggles has become strategies for political Campaign and obtaining heroic awards while we as victims receive no acknowledgment for self-determination. More also, the same laws we struggle to abolish was created at the consent of some of these groups.
Who can we really trust? Lawyers, Judges, State Authorities, NGO or otherwise. Lots amongst them seem more realistic on individual bases.
That does not mean a total downplay of their Functions but it needs to be clear that the struggle against Colonial injustice without the Practical Victims being carried along will remain in this level that we have always been. The struggle against injustice has more to do with Practical feelings than theoretical expression.
Support the Mobilizing of Self determination of refugees!
Support the call for self Organization of Refugees!!

by Rex Osa


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